Data-mining e analisi statistica su fonti testuali storiche del periodo medievale e moderno

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Eurasian Latin Archive

The "Eurasian Latin Archive" project was born for the creation of a digital library consisting of Latin texts and documents from medieval and early modern times concerning East Asia, including a specific "Latin Silk Road" section dedicated to Latin or Latin-Chinese texts.
The Eurasian Latin Archive will be provided with digital mining tools for textual and thematic analysis. Aim of the collection is the comparative language analysis, both internal with other latin texts from different eras and areas, and with non-latin texts with homogeneous subjects.
Materials will be available via a platform that includes tools for language and semantic analysis, which is in the design phase to date within the Das-MeMo project, started March 2018. The platform is inspired by the Alim project, whose “Asian Collection” is the starting point for the Eurasian Latin Archive.